• Let’s stop food waste

There is more than enough food produced to feed the entire world well. Hunger is not a question of food shortage, but the wrong division. A third (!) of all food produced ends up in the dustbin.

In the Netherlands we throw an average of 50 kilos of food per person per year well into the trash. Once a tomato on a leftover fruit, a yogurt pack all our little bits together lead to 800 million kilograms of food in the garbage. Only in The Netherlands. And while the cultivation, processing and transport of the products a lot of water, energy, fuel and labor costs. Sin right?! The value of our discarded shopping is on average €150, – per person per year.

Products that consumers throw away most often are: milk and milk products; bread; vegetables; fruit; sauces, oils and fats.

There are several initiatives to combat food waste.
– Thuisafgehaald: On this website you can offer meals for people in the neighbourhood and vice versa, you can search for individuals who want to share their cooking skills with others. You can have a (small) amount calculated watched per serving, as a contribution to your purchasing costs.
– Tas-Toe: Tas-Toe is food waste in catering to. Tas-Toe is a platform for restaurants that offer a so-called ‘doggy bag’ Tas-Toe where guests not consumed food to take home can be taken. So can be reduced according to the company ’s annual wastage of over 2.6 billion euros in food. Meanwhile doing nearly 150 restaurants to this anti- waste – food initiative along.
– Voedselbanken Nederland: All information about the Dutch Food Banks and what individuals and businesses can do to reduce food waste. Except home / collected food to the food bank, for example, they can also donate money or volunteering.
– No waste network: The No Waste Network is an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. We work closely with the Alliance for sustainability of food, Wageningen UR and other stakeholders. The mission is to prevent food waste and the optimal valuation of waste streams.

Foodsharing.nl is an interesting example. Here individuals have excess foodstuffs. An online platform for people who want to offer food, which they don’t use, people who need that specific product don’t have to buy it. Of homemade plum chutney into a pack granulated sugar, tea bags to sushi rice. They can pick it up.


Other initiative is InStock a restaurant in Amsterdam. A pop-up restaurant prevents food waste. They serves dishes made of food waste, not only a good tourist attraction for Amsterdam, but also good for the environment!


The last and interesting example is also a Dutch one. Kromkommer: against food waste. Kromkommer comes up with activities to re-invent imperfect vegetables. 5 to 10% is thrown away because of their looks. Kromkommer had their own ‘soup-line’. Crooked is the new straight!


If you want to do something about the food waste are sufficient initiatives to connect you. Not everyone wants to do about it. Because of the different initiatives, people will become more aware of the amount of food waste. Hopefully the food waste will be less in the future.


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