• A big Food Walhalla

The new Markthal in Rotterdam: The Netherlands. A big Food Walhalla. The building is decorated inside by a massive wall and ceiling painting. On the painting are very colourful images, for example, fruits, flowers, fish and see bread; products in October, when the market hall opens, will be for sale. In the middle of the building, the ceiling is a large lamp, symbolizing the sun.

Ten international artists have made a proposal. This design has become, because it’s great spectacular. The idea of Arno Coenen is that the sun the source is of all life and all those products from that source of all life come whirl; who come into the stalls up and you can buy them.

The painting is printed on aluminium panels of 1.5 to 1.5 meters. The panels are filled with barely visible small holes. These holes should ensure that the acoustics in the hall remains good. Instead of the sound bounces back into the hall, which would be the case if the panels were closed, it goes through the holes directly against the soft insulation, making noise must be prevented. The images are printed with high printing process, giving you a very loud and brilliant coating: a kind of car paint quality.

The Markthal is a spot where honest and affordable products come together and where people come together to meet. Come see it from October 2014.


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