• Pet Lamp: from boring to hip and a hype

September 2013, as International Lifestyle Student to Paris. There in Paris is the shop Merci, a concept store. The founders realized that Paris lacked a place all which would bring together the best of the world of fashion, or design, or household goods with welcome refreshment areas.

At Merci in Paris is these lamp: the Pet Lamp. Disclose the Pet Lamp created by Alvaro Catalán de Ocon. In 2011 was born the idea to give some value at a poor material PET. The recycling of soda bottles is a real concern. Alvaro Catalán was inspired by shape of bottle, but creative click came from the observation of Japanese tea with split bamboo. The idea was found by cutting the bottle body in strip. Variety of shapes, colours and patterns is infinite.

This Pet Lamp show sustainability important in the society. What are the environment and what are de consequences. This trend: from boring to hip and a hype.


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