Working from your own garden, everyone would like to experience this luxury. I have found two solutions that can make this happen.

J Square Architecture and Sett Studio developed a prototype of the ideal Home Office with all modern features. “Your Black yard”, with the line ‘less is more’. These studios can be decorated to own understanding. Not only can it serve as a Home Office but also for example a guest house, workshop or game room. The sky is the limit.OfficePod also has thought about the office in the future. The flex and home work is going to change. The ability to cut down on commuting and spend more time at home, yet be more productive in your office, safe from day-to-day distractions. Employers striven to flexible working hours and innovative way to fix this without having to reduce the productivity of work. Used as part of a corporate real estate strategy, the OfficePOD has the capability or bringing about significant reductions in CO2 emissions for both the employer and employee alike.

It’s cool because the developments in society here will be more and more. We live in a society in which everyone has pressure and preferably more and more want to be at home. This is a solution for Urban Nomads so that they can apply this at home. Both home offices are to adapt to the changing needs and circumstances of the Urban Nomad. Not only can this be placed in the garden home offices but also in various locations in a city, these can then be rents. Urban Nomads need flexible work and this is what will happen in the future.


Roomed-kantoor-01 9


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