Three companies that all three are completely different but still say the same.
– Working on a unique location
– Nice workspaces with Wi-Fi
– Multiple rooms, also for workshops

Vrijwerkers in Helmond, a location right in the city centre, a friendly place where use can be made of a work area, workshop or meetings. The costs are low, the involvement high. Formal and informal may meet each other here. Cooperation is a cause rather than a consequence.

“De Vrije Werkplek” in Amsterdam, right here, creative freelancers. It is a foundation that workplaces can be worked jointly, larger spaces where rents and smaller spaces for people who need extra space or want to work in silence. Workspaces for freelancers from different fields: think of journalists, directors, writers, illustrators, copywriters, it’s good to see that there ideas are exchanged and there worked together by various freelancers to a job.

Ymere is also in Amsterdam, about 2,500 business spaces for rent here. From small offices, large offices, sporting areas and social work to creative areas and business facilities. Each location carries its own dynamics and atmosphere. Ymere gives an appropriate advise in determining the ideal location of the organization that would like to rent a room.

Urban nomads are always on the move. They love to meet, work and sharing. Together each it’s affordable and you are not required. Mobility and independence are the needs of an Urban Nomad; it’s a good connection.

This is a great future growth potential because the whole society is more freely; people have needed to go where they want. Due to this, there a growing need for new public workplaces?

Amsterdam is a world city and there are multiple public workplaces and but in the rest of the Netherlands it is coming up. It gives a good idea for to go development because other towns and large villages copied it.





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