Fooducate is a mobile application to make better choices at the supermarket.  Scan & choose healthy groceries. A father of three babies develops this application. He takes care of the healthy meals for the family. The children grew older and the trip to the supermarket became more challenging. It was difficult to make rational and information-based decisions for a task as simple as to do groceries.

The application Fooducate is to help. How is that exactly? The health claims, nutrients and ingredient. The manufacturers promise a lot, but the real message from them, we don’t know. But Fooducate knows this real!

With Fooducate you can automatically the barcode scan of a product. You can see what the good and bad things are of the product, products compare, shows alternatives and more learning about the product.

Fooducate is cool because people are aware of what they buy in the supermarket. Fooducate helps them to make another decision. They show the reality of products and it gives consumers more clarity and honesty in an easy and convenient way. This is a great future growth potential because consumers will honesty of the food that they use. Food in combination with transparency is very important for people. They want to know what them eating.

Source: Fooducate



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