This is David Harkins, 52, artist and model. “I’m a tall, Scottish, bearded, male thing”, says David. If wisdom is a virtue that comes with age, then nowhere in the natural world is it more visible than in the ancient snow of the North. He wears fashion from: Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Fred Perry, Dior and Paul Smith.

This white blue land of hard-bitten ice has seen more black winters and storms than anywhere else on the planet, a history that has left its frozen face scarred with the cracks of experience. And what better model to wander there than the wizened David Harkins, who looks like some well-heeled hermit-philosopher under Klaus Thymann’s lens, his scraggy red beard zinging in harmonious contrast to the landscape’s frozen blues.

This is a photoreport of new fashion for masculinity. Models those present the fashion are attractive persons. It is not relevant to this article.

The photographer wants to create images that are realistic yet striking and David looks natural, as in un-posed, as he just looks great the way he is.

Artikel: i-D: fashion
Text: Fraser Brought
Photography: Klaus Thymann
Styling: Julian Ganio

Source: i-D MAGAZINE WINTER 2012


IMG_0377 IMG_0378 IMG_0379


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