The store Knappe Koppen is known as the best shop to create and buy your tableware. They are located in the centre of Breda in a beautiful old building and exist for 10 years. In the shop they sell all kinds of handmade, colorful and cheerful items. Some of these products are: children’s paintings, teapots, tableware, bowls, mirrors, boxes, wedding gifts, jewellery and much more…

In the studio become these painting unique pieces, customized for various cheerful events. They do this to sell them but also give workshops to groups.

Knappe Koppen is cool because you’re buying a unique product but you’re also giving your tableware a personal touch.

When you visit the store Knappe Koppen you getting a warm feeling. It seems like you’re shopping in your own living room. Tableware is on the table and has a personal touch. The “Living room Society” is here central. One part of it is the “Experience of the Product”, we are always looking for something new and unique that has great future potential.


Phase 2 “Living room Society” (2002-now)

“Experience in the product” (2004-now)


Schermafbeelding 2012-11-23 om 16.21.34 Knappe koppen


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