KOP: Kunstenaars Ontmoetingsplek. Translated to English, meeting place for artists. KOP has to do with entertainment and museums. Visually stimulating experience coupled with challenging offer. In an accessible manner makes KOP the links between art, design and contemporary visual culture visible. Group Exhibitions inspired by current events.

KOP is an old industrial area in Breda. KOP develops projects in which the viewers through recognizable elements are faced with new insights into the reality of here and now. Visitors enjoy the context and be actively involved.

A team of professionals and volunteers organize activities at KOP. They give meetings, interaction and production where the makers and the public are central. Students Evenings, networking drinks, work presentations and activities that are specially designed for an exhibition that ensure an exchange of inspiration, knowledge and understanding.

The QR code on the poster shows the exhibition from ONELINERS, this is part of KOP. For ONELINERS have five artists created artworks: the image is text. How this plays in the streets of Breda?

Because people are able to meet and inspire each other, it is a real experience economy. Social relationships between public, colleagues and artists, this is a co-creation.

This is an example of the trend “Virtual Co-Creation ‘, this runs from 2005-now. Social creative networks play an important role. From “OFFLINE” to “ONLINE”. The exhibitions with street scenes and a giant exhibition to QR codes you everything about the exhibition on your smartphone gets.


Phase 2 “Livingroom Society” (2002-now)

Source: http://www.stichtingkop.nl

QR-code: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.545658728781135.29424203.199461650067513




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